I was born and raised in Mississippi where Southern graces and hospitality is not just a way of life, it’s practically a religion. I grew up loving fashion and playing with colors, textures, patterns, forms, and layers.  Initially, I used my talent and found it very easy to mix and match shirts, pants, and coats. I was always on a budget in those days but managed to be very fashion-forward and ahead of my time. I remember very well in 1981 that I spoke to a gal in my junior year at a University about how she was studying interior design.  It sounded like a dream job… Alas, for all my love of everything creative, it was apparent I would need something a “real job” and what is a Mississippi boy to do? I got a business degree and a good paying job in telecommunications. It was not exactly what I wanted to do with my life but I managed several very detail- oriented projects and learned to run and manage a business in a very competitive field.

It was always in my mind that I would someday be an interior designer. I never gave that up and after a successful career for 17 years, I decided to follow my passion and find everything I could about interior design. I started from the ground up and was trained by a top architectural and design firm to handle their US projects where I managed several multi-million dollar installations. After two and half years of learning my craft, it was time to start a business of my own. In 2008 Jeffrey Johnson LLC was born. I focused on contemporary interior design where I had projects in Nashville, TN, Dallas, TX and now am venturing into LA, here in California.


During my initial consultation, beyond finding out what you want from our interior design project, I have you walk me through your day. What do you do first thing in the morning? Do you eat your breakfast standing up in the kitchen or do you make a meal? Do you grab a coffee and head out the door. Which rooms do you go into? How about when you come home? How are you living in your space? Often, I learn as much as I can about a client’s needs and how they live their daily lives. This help me create a space that is beautiful and very tailored to them both functionally and aesthetically.  

During the process you will find my project management style to be very detail-oriented and organized. I work with you to make sure we source the very best quality we can for the budget. I keep an even temperament in even the most stressful conditions. My goal is to keep things moving forward as smoothly as possible while advocating for my client to make sure that your wants and needs are being addressed every step of the way. I work with everyone on the project as if we are a team with our sole goal to give you the best space we can. General Contractors love how proactive I am with my lists and tendency to keep everyone in communication and on the same page.

A week before installation, I work with my receiver to confirm the list of items for delivery on the day of installation and where each piece is placed and positioned in the home.  I always feel very humbled and blessed to see the final results on the installation day.  It is a bittersweet ending because I love seeing how much you love your new space but know I will be moving on to the next project. With hugs and gifts, I may leave my clients but I always keep in touch and have been asked back several times to work on something new.