Need a smile for Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration

I want to wish you a smile with Old-Fashioned Christmas Celebration.  There is nothing more exciting to see beautifully shiny hard candy throughout your home and to wait for you to take a big bite of the shiny ribbon candy or the old-fashioned hard candy.  Finding out the taste of different color hard candy is […]

Top Holiday Home Decor Picks 2014 By Jeffrey

Holiday is here and now to celebrate with your loved ones. It was a fun process and picked out the Holiday Top Choices Home Decor 2014 for you, family and friends. I selectively picked lamps, chairs, side tables, and wallcoverings as part of the inspiration process as each piece has its unique design elements. I […]

Designer Insights with Jeffrey Johnson By Terry’s Blinds UK

  Thanks to: Tudor Davies is the creator of the Designer Insights feature on UK-based Terry’s Blinds. He is passionate about visual and graphic design and using these skills to fully highlight the design styles and influences of the designers he works with. When not on Photoshop, he can be found on Twitter, promoting the […]

How Can Your Travels Inspire Your Home Decor?

Vacations do a lot more than give us a break from the daily grind. No matter where you travel, if you have an open mind, you’re almost guaranteed to meet new people, see new things, and discover new cultures. Each person has a story to share, every place has a past, and every culture is […]

A few interior elements to share in Santa Barbara Style Model Home

A few interior elements to share with you, a new construction Santa Barbara Style Home with the plans to build in the Preston Hollow area, Dallas, Texas.  I chose the subtleness, classic, timeless style, a good fit for 6,000 square feet of space.  It has been a fun process from Jeffrey’s vision to express the […]

What do Polish and Italians have in common?

What do Polish and Italians have in common?  Passion for food and family gathering experience!   Stephen Bulgarelli fits perfectly right in the alley being 50% Polish and 50% Italian.  His passion for food began as a child with fond memories and his time well spent with his grandmothers and father in the Kitchen.   […]

Latest Trend in Cosmopolitan Big D (Dallas)

            I wish you the best of Fall Season and perfect weather to spend time with your loved ones.  Reach out for a Fall Fallen leaf and give this to a person and ask they do the same for others.         Yours truly, Jeffrey Johnson Photo Credits […]

Ready for American History Road Trip To Natchez

Natchez is one of the oldest and most important European settlements in the lower Mississippi River Valley.  In the middle of the nineteenth century, the city  attracted wealthy Souther planters as residents, who built mansions to fit their ambitions.  Their plantations were vast tracts of land in the surrounding lowlands of Mississippi where they grew large crops […]

What Travel Can Teach You About Life

  Travel is the best life teacher there is. Yours truly, Jeffrey Johnson Photo Credit – Jeffrey Design LLC Location – Bora Bora  

Travel Inspiration For Color

Travel inspiration for color is such an awesome experience in Maui.  I always bring my camera along with my smart phone for trips and take pictures that capture my eyes.  Colors play a big part of my personal and professional life.  The photo below was taken in a helicopter tour.   I took the opportunity to […]