Our body and mind deserve daily naps

Shift your own thinking about naps. People who take them are not lazy. They might just be the smartest, most productive people you know. Napping Celebrities Many other successful people who were nappers: Leonardo da Vinci took multiple naps a day and slept less at night. The French Emperor Napoleon was not shy about taking […]

Follow Jeffrey’s Vision On Instagram – Las Vegas Market and Design Camp

Good Morning!  Jeffrey is heading out to Las Vegas this morning to attend the Las Vegas Market and Design Camp. Jeffrey looks forward to sharing pictures with you as he uses his vision to capture the most appealing pieces of furniture and accessories at the Las Vegas Market and Design Camp.  Where can I be found?  Follow […]

Outdoor coffee tables are great for entertainment

Outdoor coffee tables are great for entertainment. We are so spoiled these days with all of the great choices of outdoor coffee tables for covered and non-covered areas.  Outdoor coffee tables are one of the key pieces to meet our daily and entertainment needs.  There are no rules of thumb when accessorizing the table top.  Why?  Each style serves its own look […]

Summer Beach Cottage Decor Pillows – Seahorses

Summer Beach Cottage Decor Pillows are a great way to inspire many individuals. Summer is an exciting season for families and friends to head out to the beach for vacation.  It is the salt water that rejuvenates our souls and inspires happiness.   Seahorses have always been a favorite of mine and the first thing that […]

~Sailing is good for your soul~

          Yours truly, Jeffrey Johnson Photo Credits – Jeffrey Design LLC

Turn on the light to see my beauty for your home

  Eventide To Friends and Colleagues, I like to invite you to subscribe to my @TDNDesignNet channel, create an account on the TDN site, and hit the subscribe button. Happy July 4th to you and your family! Jeffrey Johnson Photo Credits – Jeffrey Johnson

Beautiful accessories in silver or gold for home decor

Finding beautiful accessories in silver or gold for home decor is a perfect way to add metallic finish to your home.  Metallic finish will always be part of the home decor.  When you are in need of a focal point accessory for any given space, add metallic finish accessory such as mirror,  pendant light, or wall sconce.  The […]

New York City is where I thrive on creative process for interior design and fashion.

New York City is where I thrive on creative process for interior design and fashion.  New York City is the place where I go to get energized and expound creativity for my interior design business.  I am all about the creative process; yet, so important to get a different perspective in NYC highly known for  interior design and […]

Laboratory modified Interior Design Elements

Laboratory modified interior design elements is a perfect example of recapturing historical memory lane and how we create forms, shapes and angles in the interior design creative process.  Every year in ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) attendees shall find furniture and accessories that will take them back to memory lane.  Memory lane create excitement and gratitude for many designers […]

Innovation of contemporary elements

Innovation of contemporary elements is the constant movement, dependable, reliable and functionality of architectural lifestyle. ICFF, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is held in New York City once a year.  This is my second year to attend.  The fair is one of my favorites to attend.  I go with conscious mind with no agenda, walk through many […]